Sunday, July 12, 2009

7mm 25ft Lower Quadrant Tapered Timber Post Signal Kit Now Available

Howdy gang

I have just release a updated 7mm lower quadrant signal kit, which are now available for sale.
The kit comprises, the following:

1.Etched Brass Parts.
2.Etched Brass Post.
3.Etch Ladder Stiles.
4.Pewter Cast Parts.
5.Timber Landing Parts.
6.Wire and Tube.
7.Timber Base
8.Red & Blue Coloured Lens
9.Golden White ,0.8mm LED with 6in Leads
10.Lace Pins

The kit also come with aCD , containing a 102 page comprehensive instruction package in PDF format.

This instruction PDF can also be found on the Keiran Ryan Models web site or follow the direct link below, and click on the pdf file to download it (6.1meg) and save it to a folder.

The kit is selling for $58.00 + postage, and even if you are not a 7mm modeller, it would be a great start point into 7mm , by developing a small diorama around this model. You never know, you might just get the bug

Other signal components will be available soon in 7mm, so keep an eye on this blog and the KRM web site.

Buy for now

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