Saturday, November 29, 2008

KRM 7mm Instruction Updates

Hi Fellow 7mm Modellers.

Welcome to my KRM 7mm blog.

This post is the first of many, to easily show updates to the 7mm Parts and Kits section of Keiran Ryan Models.

The update will have links directly to the Kits and Instructions. In most cases the instructions will be in PDF format that the modeller can either  read on line or save to their hard drive. The simpler kits will just have a text paragraph that will give a simple instruction and possibly a hint or tip on haw to use the parts.

The first kits to have full instructions are the KRM 7mm_009 Hold Down Lever and the KRM 7mm_011 Ladder Forming Jig, pictured here.

You can also go directly to the 7mm page by following this link.

As kits and instructions become available on line I will be announcing them here, with links to the instructions.  The type of instruction that you see at the 2 above links will be the typical format in the future for all KRM Products. While those with out Internet access may appear not to be catered for, if you are a member of a library, you can access the information when you go to the library, and print of the instructions.

I hope that you enjoy this blog and use the information to update what is happening in the hobby