Sunday, January 25, 2009

O Scale Sleeper Laying Jigs

Hi Gang

I have released a group of new sleeper laying jigs to assist O Scale modellers to lay sleepers and also asist in lining up the first rail so as to build more accurate track.

The jigs are made from 1.5mm acrylic and come in the fiollowing configurations.

Mainline Straight Track 14mm Spacing
Branchline Straight Track 18.5mm Spacing

1500mm Radius Curved Track 14mm Spacing
1800mm Radius Curved Track 14mm Spacing
2100mm Radius Curved Track 14mm Spacing
2400mm Radius Curved Track 14mm Spacing

Branchline Cirved Track is drawnup,  but will only be produced on demand.
2700mm and 3000mm curved radius tjigs are also available on demand.
The Jigs come with 10 packing spacers to allow the sleepers to be glued to the base board eliminating the possibility of the Jig being glued to the board.

They also have 6  holes located around the outside of the jig for locating pins to be used, as well as holes for pins that assist in lining up one rail at the correct location so that the track can be located and centred.

The jigs accept the previously available sleepers produced by Mt Albert in Canada, and now being produced by Kappler and imported by Warren Herbert of Gwydir Valley Models.

Because of the sleeper variation through the production process, some sanding of timbers may be required.

If demand is there, similar products could become  available in HO

Regards Keiran